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03 April 2011

Its Green…very green…again.

Danny’s car now has its fresh paint and is ready for the off.

Craig’s been kind enough to drop us a few pics of the new car as it returns from the paint shop. Wearing Danny’s trademark Kawasaki Green livery, the car looks stunning in race trim. Testing soon, much is expected from the car, even more so with Danny’s excellent recent performance in Steve Glynn’s purple GTF Sagaris.

I’m trying not to “pump up” the partnership too much (it can be bad luck) but with Danny (and dad Craig’s) super strong partnership and with Dom and TVR Powers strength behind the project (TVRPower is building customer 4.5L SP6 engines for them), you have to say that hopes are high. But lest we forget…they are up against several semi-pro drivers and Teams with telephone number budgets.

Lets hope some giant killing is on the cards. I know that there’s a certain Yellow Cerb that will welcome another TVR to the front of the GT Cup, though I’m sure he’ll prefer it if it’s in his mirrors

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