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26 August 2006

Challenge looks GREAT for 2007

Whilst out and about, in tvr land, our spies have been checking out the Challenge for 2007…and things are looking VERY good!

With the possibility of the V8 supercars series on the horizon we were unsure, but hopeful, that the big-guns in the “Dunlop tvr Challenge” would stay for next year. The Sagaris V8 of Tim Hood and the Race Tuscans were obviously being head-hunted, but it looks like the will be staying (though they may compete in the Supercars for a couple of rounds).

Why is this then, what could be holding them?

Well, firstly there’s a loyalty to the tvr Brand. Many of these guys have been racing tvrs for many years and they just love them. There is a combination of elements, style, noise, power and history that is different to any other Marque. We can all associate with that! Then there’s loyalty to the organiser. John Reid has been Mr tvr Motorsport for practically its entire life and has single-handedly brought this series back. We all owe him a lot for that. And finally, though not least I would guess, there’s a promise of a seriously fast and close racing next year with a much larger grid and some very exciting cars!


Starting with Group C - under 3L Naturally Aspirated (n.a.)
It seems several previous runners have not competed early on in the Series as they just didn’t feel they would be competitive. However, after checking the times and the action of the current series, many have realised that they are missing out and that their cars would be competitive. Some have even started to make appearances. What’s the point in having these cars if they don’t run? And if you want to sell a race car, the best advert is to race it!

Next comes Group B – 3 to 5L n.a. / Forced Induction(f.i) to 3L. Max 350bhp
There are several cars being prepared as I write this and a couple more coming out of retirement in different hands. This could also be a great category, with Ex-road cars with HUGE engines or Blowers and Turbos making appearances. They ARE coming so watch this space!

Finally the Big boys, Group A -  5L up n.a. / f.i. to 3L. 350bhp+
We are aware of a clutch of Sagaris conversions coming through and there MAY be up to 5 of these fantastic “monsters” on the grids next season. This isn’t idle supposition either. These cars are being built and developed as we speak. There are also some specials being developed. A T350 with a very impressive Group A spec is already underway and there is a good chance of a road-going Tuscan conversion too.

This all leads to a spectacular grid for 2007. Just picture it! A brace of Sagari, mixed in with a handful of Tuscan racers, close behind the road going “monsters”. Griffs, Chims, and Tuscans in amongst the Tazmins. Fantastic.

We can’t wait!

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